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 租赁合同  tenancy agreement  一、出租人:  landlord:  承租人:  tenant:  (以下简称甲方)  (hereinafter["hirin"ɑ:ft] referred to as party a)  (以下简称乙方)  (hereinafter referred to as party b)  二、租赁标的:  tenancy:  甲方同意将____________________及其设备(见附件1)在良好状态下租给乙方。租用分户面积总计约____________________平方米。  party a hereby agrees to lease____________________and the equipment therein (as described in appendix["pendiks] 1) in clean and tenantable["tenntbl] condition to party b, the size of the leased property being____________________sqm.  三、租赁期:  term of tenancy:  3.1 租赁期为______年,自______年______月______日起至______年______月______日止。  the above property is hereby leased for a term of______years, commencing______and expiring on______.  3.2 租赁期满,甲方有权收回全部出租房屋,乙方应如期交;乙方如要求续租,须在本合同期满前两个月向甲方提出书面申请。  on expiry of this lease, party a has the right to take back the leased property in full, and party b must deliver the leased property on or before the date of expiry[iks"pairi]. if party b wishes to extend the lease, party b is required[ri"kwaid] to give written notice to party a two months prior to expiry of this lease.  四、租金:  rent:  4.1 租金每月为___________人民币。  the rent is rmb____________per month.  4.2 每月租金一次支付,必须于租赁期每月前十天付清。如乙方逾期未付,须按日加付其租金的0.5%的滞纳金,超过三十天未付视作自动退租,甲方有权按合同5.2条款视乙方为中途退租情况办理。  the rent is payable monthly in one lump[lmp]sum, before the tenth day of each month. if party b has not paid the rent by the tenth day, a penalty of 0.5% of the rent will be charged per day. if the rent has not been paid within 30 days, party a has the automatic right to eject party b from the leased property, according to clause 5.2 of this agreement.  4.3 租金以人民币为单位用现钞支付。如以支票支付,所发生的费用由乙方负担。  the rent is payable in rmb and in cash. if the rent is paid by cheque["tek], all charges incurred will be borne by party b.  4.4 在本合同有效期内, 租金不予调整。  the rent cannot be increased during the term of this tenancy agreement.  五、押金:  deposit:  5.1 自本合同签定之日,乙方应向甲方交付______个月之租金额的押金计____________人民币。合同期满,乙方如不再续租,并且乙方结清其在租赁期内所用的各项费用后,甲方应将押金在七个工作日内如数退还给乙方(不计利息)。  on signing this tenancy agreement, party b must pay to party a two months" rental as deposit, totaling rmb________. on completion of the tenancy period, if party b doesn"t wish to extend the lease and has paid all charges, party a must return the deposit in full to party b within 7 working days (excluding[ik"sklu:di] interest).  5.2 乙方如在租赁期内终止租约,押金不予退还。  if party b stops the tenancy agreement before the date of expiry, party a is not required to return the said deposit.  5.3 乙方如违反合同规定,致使甲方未能如期收取租金或因而发生费用开支,甲方可以扣留部分或全部押金抵付。  if party b breaks any part of this contract, such as not paying the rent punctually["pktuli], or if party b caused damages to the leased property, party a has the right to retain part or all of the deposit in compensation[,kmpen"sein].  5.4 发生5.3条款情形,押金不足抵付时,乙方必须按接到甲方付款通知后十天内补足。  if clause 5.3 is brought into effect, and the said deposit is insufficient to cover party a"s costs, party b should pay the extra["ekstr] amount["maunt] to party a within ten days of receipt of party a"s payment.  5.5 押金以人民币为单位,用现钞支付。如以支票支付,所发生的费用由乙方承担。  the deposit is payable in rmb and in cash. if the deposit is paid by cheque, all charges incurred will be borne by party b.  六、其它费用:  other charges:  6.1 乙方在租赁期内所用的水、电和煤气费用,每月按实际耗用量结算,乙方按单缴付。  during the period of the tenancy, all charges for use of water, electricity and gas are payable by party b monthly according to consumption[kn"smpn], and on receipt of bills.  6.2 乙方所用电话按电讯局收费标准,每月根据实际用量结算,乙方按单缴付。  all telephone charges are payable by party b monthly according to the telecommunications bureau["bjuru] standard tariffs["t rifs], and according to bills received.  6.3 租赁标的的物业管理费由______方按照大厦管理规章,负责按单缴付。  any charges for the leased property, such as management fees, are payable by____________according to the bill issued by property management office.  七、乙方责任:  tenant"s responsibilities:  7.1 乙方应按本合同四、五、六条款规定交付租金、押金和各项费用,如有拖欠,则作违约论。  party b should promptly pay the rent, deposit and other charges as set out in clauses 4, 5 and 6 of this agreement. nonpayment of these charges constitutes a breach of this agreement.  7.2 租赁期内,未经甲方同意,乙方不能转让其所租房屋,私自转让无效。  during the period of tenancy, unless with the agreement of party a, party b cannot sub-let or let in part or in full the leased property.  7.3 乙方应爱护房屋及其设备,如因使用不当导致损坏负责赔偿。  party b must return the property and its contents to party a in good and workable condition, otherwise party b must pay compensation to party a.  7.4 在房屋内已有的装饰和设备之外,乙方如需增加设备或其它装饰须征得甲方同意。租赁期满必须恢复原状,并承担其费用,经甲方验收认可后归还甲方。  in addition to the decoration and equipment already in the property, if party b wishes to make any alterations or decorate the property, party a must consent. on completion of the tenancy, party b must hand-over the property to party a in its original condition, and all fees arising from such work and to be borne by party b.  八、争议的解决:  arbitration:  凡执行本合同或与本合同有关的争议,由双方友好协商解决;协商不成, 提请中国有关经济合同仲裁机构调解;调解不成,提请中国有关经济合同仲裁机构仲裁。  in the case of disputes arising over this agreement, the two parties should negotiate[ni"gui,eit] in a friendly manner and in good faith; if failed, should submit to china related economic contract arbitrated["ɑ:bitreitd] bureau to mediate["mi:dieit] or arbitrate["ɑ:bitreit].  九、其它:  others:  9.1 本合同附件是本合同不可分割的组成部分。  the attachment is combined with the contract.  9.2 本合同如有未尽事宜,由甲、乙双方洽谈解决。  if the contract remains some unperfected parts, the two parties should negotiate in peace.  9.3 本合同自签字之日起生效;合同文本一式两份,甲、乙双方各执一份。  the contract effected on the signing date, two sets for the contract and one set for each party.  本合同于______年______月______日在深圳市龙岗区广天地地产(罗马分行)签定。  the contract concludes in guangtiandi real estate(rome branch)longgang district of shenzhen on__________________.  甲方:  party a:  代表人:  representative[repri"zenttiv]:  盖章:  seal:  地址:  address:  电话:  telephone:  乙方:  party b:  代表人:  representative:  盖章:  seal:  地址:  address:  电话:  telephone: [商铺租赁合同]英语租赁合同附中文 http://www.yourhighnessmovie.net/hetongfanwen/67777.html